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Special Contest: Where Are You Sinning This Summer?

I ran a fun contest last summer to see where everyone was reading One Deadly Sin. Here's the lucky winner, Christy H. from Tremonton, Utah. And a big thank you to everyone who entered the contest. Check out the entries below!

Kelly G. from Grand Rapids, MI
She committed many sins in her life, but the deadliest sin was not reading this book.

From Larena W. in Scottsdale, AZ

Sinning in Delaware, OH

Sinning in Chapel Hill, NC

Anna H. from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

Jenny N. from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sinning in Barbieville

Doubling the pleasure in Bloomington, IN

Amy G's dog, Cinnamon

A Fan

Della from Chatanooga, TN

Sid from Muscatine, IA

Ryan F. from St. Louis, MO

Rebecca J. from St. Louis, MO

Christy H. from Tremonton, UT

Christy H. from Tremonton, UT

Linda F. from Ft Wayne, IN

Cassie with her Kindle copy of ODS.

On July 30, ODS went out
on the town in Nashville
to celebrate Monica M and
Carrie H's birthdays. Here
is ODS posing with Rae Ann
P at the Germantown Cafe.

ODS and birthday girl
Monica share a sunshiny

ODS Still Life. This illustrates the deadly sin of using too much salt on your meal, perhaps?

One Deadly Biscuit

Carrie H loved ODS. "It was so good I had it with butter!"

Second butter shot, showing the cover.

ODS then trekked over
to the Looby Theater
for a presentation of
FAME! The Musical by
the Circle K Players
and Music City Salsa.

ODS posing during

After the play, ODS
congratulated Music
City Salsa and dance
instructor Ginny Primeaux,
who has been teaching
Carrie and Jody W how
to salsa and tango with
invisible partners.

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